Shopkeeper and a Duplicate/Fake Note Puzzle

fake note or duplicate note puzzle on whatsapp

We are again back with one very very interesting puzzle. This particular puzzle is damn confusing, so before you make a guess think twice. You can share this puzzle with your friends on facebook or share it on Whatsapp groups. It is real fun to play this on Whatsapp. If someone has asked you this quiz on Whatsapp, then you can check the solution here. ShopKeeper and a Duplicate Note Puzzle A lady buys goods worth Rs.200 from a shop. Assume that the shopkeeper is selling the goods with zero … [Continue reading]

Mithai ka naam, Dawa ka Naam, Film ka Naam, Ladki ka Naam

We are back with another very fun puzzle which you can play with your friends and family on Whatsapp groups or share this on Facebook. In this whatsapp puzzle (which is not any emoticon puzzle), you have to guess just one name which is answer to all the below questions. In short, we have posted some questions below. You have to answer these questions with just one word (which is name of something). One Name for all : One sweet dish name? One medicine name? One Bollywood film … [Continue reading]