How many square are there puzzle – Huge collection


Studying Maths was pretty boring, however when it comes to Maths puzzles then it is quite a lot of fun. Among the popular puzzles are ones where you have to count the number of square. You are given an image which has lots and lots of squares and all you have to do is simply count and tell the exact number of square it has. Below is a huge collection of such puzzles (updated regularly). You can allowed to copy and share these images with your friends on Facebook or Whatsapp or any other … [Continue reading]

Guess Marwadi Names Puzzle for Whatsapp Messenger

guess names whatsapp puzzle

Here's another whatsapp puzzle (made of smileys aka emoticons) where you have to guess the Marwadi Names. This puzzle won't attract large audience as this is specific to Indians (or infact Marwadi in particular). However if you have any idea about Marwadi names then you can still give it a try. These puzzles are getting way popular than expected making Whatsapp messenger number one communication app in almost all app stores. What these puzzles are – just simple combinations of some icons … [Continue reading]